Acknowledgement and thanks


West Moreton-Oxley Medicare Local, Mater UQ Centre for Primary Health Care Innovation and the University of Southern Queensland gratefully acknowledge the wonderful contribution made by the people who appear and helped with the health videos – Esperance Kalonji, Rael Marwa, Yvonne Ngendakurio, Beth Kitoli, Zinab Ahmed,  Aliere Iduhorimbere, Aimable Harusha, Blaise Itabelo, John Deng, Patrick Katambayi, Abdiqadar Mohamud Suleyman, Farhia Hussein, Foss Adam Ali and Alie Kenneh.


These people are passionate about health in their communities and their expertise and involvement was vital to this project. We also acknowledge the Queensland African Communities Council, the suggestions and recommendations made by members of a range of African communities during many consultations; the Mater UQ Centre for Primary Health Care Innovation, Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma and Dr Margaret Kay for their invaluable input. In addition we would like to thank the members of the South East Queensland Refugee Health Partnership Advisory Group who have remained supportive of this project throughout.


This refugee health project was developed by Bernadette Praske of West Moreton-Oxley Medicare Local and Ashley Jones, Media Lecturer at University of Southern Queensland Springfield Campus in partnership with Mater UQ Centre for Primary Health Care Innovation with the support of our respective management teams, as well as the help and input of colleagues and a great number of service providers and community members.